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Assessment & Feedback Coaching

For leaders at all levels to interpret and act on feedback from 360° leadership surveys, personality assessments and stakeholder interviews with selected work colleagues.​

Most of our work is informed by individual, team and organizational assessments. Professional assessments provide a baseline for development through feedback and ensure that coaching is focused on the most important priorities, like leveraging strengths and managing limitations in their current or future roles.

We believe that “who you are drives how you lead.” We use and recommend the Hogan Leadership Suite of assessments that draw on decades of proven leadership research and set the standard for data-driven insights for leaders and their teams. These assessments provide insights into three big questions:

  • What do people want? Their core motives and key drivers affect every aspect of their lives, from what they find rewarding to how they make decisions.

  • How will they get what they want? Career success depends on personality as well as education, experience, and technical skill. Bright-side (or normal) personality characteristics predict success in leadership, careers, relationships and life.

  • What will get in their way? Everyday strengths can become weaknesses, like the overly ambitious leader who turns into a cutthroat competitor. If these deeply ingrained dark-side personality traits go unrecognized, they can degrade leadership, distort judgment, damage relationships and derail career success.

Hogan’s comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail needed to discover these insights and build better leaders.

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