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Clients regularly recommend Robert and rate his executive coaching effectiveness 5 stars, the highest possible rating. Here are some representative testimonials.

Chief Human Resources Officer, federal agency

"Looking ahead, you've been a real role model for me.  as a reference and a resource."

Managing Executive, Investments EVP, Fortune 500 financial services firm

"It has been a pleasure to work with you.  Very helpful.  Thank you."

Senior Vice President & Business Transformation Executive

“Looking back, we set some ambitious goals (in listening, leadership, and framing & development) and we beat them, so I feel our work together is paying off and set me up for success in my new role." 

Senior Vice President, global financial services firm

"The announcement of my promotion to SVP is due, in no small measure, to your very valuable coaching.  Please let me know when you are next in New York so we can both celebrate."

Chief, Risk Analysis Division, federal regulatory agency

"Picking you as my coach was the smartest thing I ever did.  You knew how to shake me up, your coaching was so tailored for me.  Looking back your coaching and career advice was one of the best things I ever did."

Director, Career Development Center, federal agency

"Robert is doing some great work for us here at HQ with senior managers who have transitioned into positions of greater responsibility."

Business Owner/Entrepreneur & CEO, award-winning virtual learning platform

"Thank you again for all the guidance and time to help me conduct a successful negotiation."

VP and Coaching Program Lead, global financial service firm

“I think that your value and comments, as usual, are so articulate and so able to capsulate what people are thinking and saying.”

Executive Director community services nonprofit

“Robert, you’re like a spiritual guide. Your job is not just making the corporate world better, it’s making the world better.”

Chief Credit Policy Officer, Fortune 500 financial services firm

“Thanks, Robert!  You were instrumental in my success at a key transition in my career…”

SVP, Fortune 500 financial services firm

"You've taught me a lot about speaking truth to power.  I'm less intimidated now.  There's still a buzz but not the sting."

Public Relations Director, Global Human Resources Firm

"You asked me to help me become a better manager, but actually helped me become much more – a better employee for example by informing my boss about my actions and my intent."

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