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Leadership Transition Coaching

For transitioning leaders to master major career moves, assume new roles, take on stretch assignments, or enter from outside the organization.

Whether you're a newly recruited CEO or a group leader just promoted from within, you're expected to learn fast, transition smoothly, and start producing results. By nature of the role, a new senior leader’s action or inaction will significantly influence success or failure and the course of business, for better or worse. Yet in spite of these high stakes, leaders are typically unprepared for their transitions to new roles, and under-supported by their organizations. All too often, transitioning leaders are left alone, to “sink or swim,” so lack the help they need to learn fast, transition smoothly and produce results. For these and other reasons, nearly half of leadership transitions fail.​

As executive coaches, we are often asked by both individual clients and their organizations to facilitate leadership transitions. Whether hired from the outside or promoted from within. these transitioning leaders face a special set of issues, compared to other executive coaching situations, which is why we coined the term leadership transition coaching almost two decades ago.

Since then we have developed a specialized practice—exclusively focused on helping new leaders adjust to their bigger, more demanding roles and positions—often with relocation, new reporting lines and other challenges.

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