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We help leaders learn and grow for greater success by coaching and developing their performance and leadership.  We help organizations develop their leadership talent to significantly increase their impact and lead high-performing teams.

Immediate impact. Actionable insights and clear takeaways from each coaching session, plus follow-up coaching tips, are resources you can immediately use.

Measurable results. Coaching progress checks and ongoing assessments ensure that together we reach your goals.


Sustainable success. Actionable feedback and coaching helps you learn powerful leadership skills, uncover blind spots and change behaviors so you get better bottom-line results. ​


We partner with you to address pressing needs, achieve measurable results and create sustained success. 

​We offer a continuum of custom assessment, feedback and coaching services. We tailor our work to your coaching agenda. 

C-Suite Coaching

For top leaders, like CEOs, founders, and heads of major business groups, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs looking to drive their executive agendas.

Key benefits:

  • Think through key decisions with a seasoned coach and trusted leadership advisor who can provide outside perspectives and impartial counsel on a wide range of matters, including the executive’s own development.

  • Address top leader issues, like strategy, governance, key stakeholder relationships, succession planning and leadership transitions.

  • Cope with novel challenges and opportunities like mergers and acquisitions, productivity and quality improvement, turnarounds and explosive growth.

Clients say our C-Suite assistance helps them by offering more options and creative ideas, better support for their agendas, as well as insight and constructive feedback on their own leadership development. Talking though actions before they are implemented tends to improve the chances for sound decisions and success.

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Leadership Transition Coaching

For leaders taking on new roles, stretch assignments, or joining from outside the organization.

Key benefits:

  • Develop a plan to overcome likely challenges in a new role, common transition traps, and critical issues.

  • Learn to work with big egos (as equals) and manage former peers.

  • Orient new leaders hired from the outside to get things done in the new culture and political system.

  • Facilitate team assimilation through a highly interactive meeting with new leaders and their teams.

Clients say our leadership transition coaching significantly reduces the time it takes them to reach their full effectiveness by helping them be more proactive about transition issues, taking stock—of their business or function, company culture, key stakeholders, their team and themselves—and taking action.

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Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

For high-performing leaders who want to improve in their current roles, or highly valued executives at risk who need to overcome performance obstacles.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance effective action and capabilities of high-performing leaders by building better habits and practicing new behaviors.

  • Address performance issues for executives at risk and correct problem behaviors that may jeopardize productivity, job or career.

  • Deal with blind spots that detract from otherwise satisfactory performance or risk derailment.

  • Increase confidence and commitment in the face of career setbacks or disappointments

  • Clarify performance goals, when expectations are unclear or when business goals, roles, or conditions change.

​Leaders say this coaching helps them boost or correct performance in their present positions, and overcome challenges when things change. Organizational clients like this coaching to develop the performance and leadership of their key people, to build better leadership bench strength and retain top talent, as well as avoiding the derailment of their highly-valued executives.

Support Group
High Potentials Coaching

For high potential "rising stars" and emerging leaders being groomed for future leadership roles, often as part of talent reviews, succession planning and leadership development programs.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance effective action and capabilities for a future job or leadership role.

  • Round out the leadership skills of rising stars, so they can lift their play to the next levels.

  • Clarify shared goals about success when leaders and their organizations differ about the skills and perspectives needed for success in a future position.

  • Encourage the long-term development of promising people for learning from challenging work experiences and other means. 

Clients say this coaching helps emerging leaders to discover and act on their development needs, clarify the success profiles (sometimes called a competency model) for future leadership positions and increase their capacity to learn and grow.

Assessment & Feedback Coaching

For leaders at all levels, to help them interpret and act on feedback from 360° leadership surveys, personality assessments, and stakeholder interviews with selected work colleagues.  Assessment and actionable feedback informs all our work and is an ideal starting point for any leader to speedily learn about their strengths, limitations and areas for improvement, working with a seasoned coach who can facilitate your feedback and coaching.


Key benefits:

  • Enhance understanding of your strengths and limitations and how these compare to other leaders.

  • Apply your results to leading, teaming, change, and career advancement.

  • Develop a clear action plan to translate your insights and priorities into concrete next steps.

  • Leverage your assessment results to develop your leadership and manage your derailment risks.

By contrast, leaders who lack this awareness tend to:

  • Miss feedback messages (blind spots)

  • Ignore feedback they do receive (denial)

  • Are slow to change over time (obsolete)

  • Stall/stop a career or derail (fail).

Clients frequently describe their feedback as “candid,” “refreshing,” “actionable,” and “credible.” Leaders appreciate an accurate picture of their strengths and limitations, as well as longer-term leadership potential. Leaders also like how their robust assessments help to predict workplace performance and compare their strengths and weaknesses to relevant norm groups. Depending on client need, these assessments can be the basis for establishing longer term coaching relationships.

C-Suite Coaching
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Leadership Transition Coaching
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Leadership Effectiveness Coaching
High Potentials Coaching
Support Group
Assessment & Feedback Coaching


We serve professionals and individual leaders looking to improve their performance and leadership, and organizational clients in business, government and non-profits – and have been building their success for 30+ years.

Robert Witherspoon is the founder and president of Performance & Leadership Development Ltd. A widely respected top coach, Robert has been hailed as a thought leader and pioneer in executive coaching, and is a published author and recognized authority on executive coaching, leadership development, and organizational learning. With 2,500+ hours coaching leaders since 1990, Robert is also credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Robert Witherspoon
Business Professionals

“I love working with emerging and established leaders at all levels so if you have a special situation, let's talk.”


We serve independent professionals, individual leaders and organizational clients – in business, government and non-profits – and have been building their success for 30+ years.

Individual clients include:

  • President, nationally recognized educational nonprofit

  • Executive Director, big city downtown development corporation

  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur & CEO, award-winning virtual learning platform

Business organizations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, include:

  • Chair, CEO, C-level leaders (including CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO and corporate posts like General Counsel, Chief, Chief Human Resources Officer), EVP, Managing Director, SVP, VP at Financial service firms - Citi, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Financial Services Group, Westfield Bank

  • CEO, Managing Partner, Lead Client Service Partner, Partner, Principal & Director, Senior Manager at Professional service firms – Deloitte, PwC and Arthur Andersen & Co.

  • President & CEO and EVP for Development of National Medical Center, Physician-in Chief of Hospital, Professor & Department Chair, Department Director at Healthcare institutions - Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth Medical School, Children's National Medical Center, and Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • President and COO, CIO, VP at Technology companies – Dell, PayPal, 3e Technologies International Inc.

Government and Non-Profit clients include:

  • Chief Human Resources Officer, Associate Deputy Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Senior Director, Manager, Director, Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management at Government agencies - AMTRAK, OCC Treasury, NASA and the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

  • Executive Director, SVP, VP at Nonprofits - including membership organizations like AARP, advocates like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), charities like Save the Children, community services like So Others Might Eat (SOME), and faith-based organizations like Washington National Cathedral

  • International Financial Institutions - World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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